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Friday, 13 March 2015


  1. Hi mam... thanx alot for such a blog.. really helpful.. i luv madhavi ravichandran novel . Way of writing is interesting.. is there any other new update.. and d novel thodu vanam thooram illai is not working.. once again thnx for this blog..

    Kavya sri

    1. Hi Kavya,
      Thanks For the comment.....Now the page is updated and the thodu vanam thooram illai novel link is also given.

  2. sinduja's novel please

  3. Hi,
    I don't know the name of the book but hero's name is karthick and the heroine name is varsha and she has a brother named Varun who studies engineering whereas varsha and karthick are doctors it resembles to be the continuation of marakumo kaadhal nenjam can u pls refer me with the name of the book and its author

  4. hai lucky can you upload madavi ravichandren novels

  5. Hi,
    Can anyone tell the name and author of the Following novel.The hero name is Vijendhar.
    Heroine is Vandhana.Her sister name is Vasudharini.She is beauty conscious.They both are orphans.They are being brought up by their uncle.They are trying to fix Vijendhar as alliance to Vasu but Vandhana is in love with him.Meanwhile Vijendhar's friend Raghav is in love with Vandhana.The story goes like this.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi lucky can tel this novel name hero mame is kanibarathan i know only hero name the novel starts with kannangal somethin can u tel pls

  7. enaku heroine orphan based stories suggest panunga. i m searching for a book. hero name rishi nandhan. can u suggest me some links

  8. Heroine paralysed hero doctor but a drug addict makes her well she is from a Orthodox family author and book name please

  9. Anyone tell me the novel name hero drug addict doctor heroine paralysed belongs to a orthodox family . Heroines sister engaged to hero's brother. Later hero cures heroine

  10. kannukul pothi vaipan by sakthi thirumalai


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