1. Hi I need to more usharani mam novels

  2. hi mam i want to know a novel name heroine oru orphan velaiku pogum Podhu hero voda bro lover a poga vendiya situation hero vum heroine um last united. heroine name la than hero veedu irukum

  3. Hi
    I want to know about the novel
    That hero and heroine are relations. Heroine is a catering student. Hero wants to run a hotel which belongs to tgeir family.They both are in love with different persons. Hero love heroines friend and heroune loves her instructor. Heros grandfather wants hero and heroine to get married so that only he will allow to take care of the restaurant. And they both get married and lives together in a separate home. Heroine works as a chef in heros restaurant. Want to kniw about this novel. Can anyone please tell me the novels name.

  4. Hi
    I want to know a novel name.
    Story starts as a pair is getting married. Both of them are not in their marriage. They both are compelled by their parents, since both are not interested in marriage life. The heroine has elder sister and the hero has elder brother. Both of them love each other. So their parents use the sister and brothers marriage as threatening and make hero and heroine to get married. Then the story goes as hero and heroine share their house works and carry out their life in Jolly way. The story goes like that. Heroine is a journalist and hero I hope lawyer.
    Please let me know the story name.

    1. It's Nee Enthan Vaanam by Premalatha Balasubramaniyam

  5. Hello guys!! can anyone plz help me to find a novel name and the author's name....Heroine name is Kanmani....Hero and heroine are husband and wife...They have baby girl....After marriage Kanmani comes to know that her husband has a past love... This hurts her much...So she hurts him... But her husband love her very much... Finally she understand his love...

  6. pesatha kannum pesume link is not working.Plz give another media fire link