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  1. hi lucky, premalatha balasubramaniyam mam's novel cant be reached. it shows some error. please do rectify it. thank you

  2. Hi lucky
    Please tell me the novel name and author's name
    The story is the heroine come's to hero's grand father's house as her grandfather is going for pilgrimage tour. Later she comes to know that her grandfather is in deathbed. In meantime there is a misunderstanding between the hero and heroine and how they unite is the story

  3. irul maraitha nizhal by RC

  4. Hi,
    Can anyone please tell me the name of the novel and author?
    The story starts with hero and heroine, both of them being widowers - hero with a 8-9 year old daughter, his wife died in an accident; heroine with a 3-4 year old son, her husband is a bad person and has committed suicide. The story tells how the hero and heroine got united and became a family for their kids.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi,
    Premalatha writer's novels all cannot download. From media fire its deleted or missing. Could you please check.

    1. Now the links are modified...let me know if the problem still persists.

  6. Team,

    Appiyum Oil Nee enaku, is unable to download. Please have a look.

    Thank you for your support, as always.